Bringing Life To A Diner

Here’s an update on the new little indie café I’m starting. As you know, I purchased the main street shop only last week for a wonderful, affordable deal. My construction guys are already tearing out walls and redoing floors. I’m obviously going to wait on decorating the place until the renovations are pretty much done, which hopefully will be finished by the end of the month. But I allowed myself to indulge just a little bit in the décor department of things…I just purchased some new diner lighting, and it’s already arrived! I’m ecstatic. These diner lights are simply perfect. They’ll create the exact mood I’m shooting for in this new little diner café. The fun thing about it is that each diner light I bought is so different from the next. Eclectic is what I’m going for, and eclectic is what I’m getting.

Vintage Diner Lighting Fixtures

The vintage diner lighting will go up as soon as my electrician says that it’s safe to do so. I need some life in this place to keep me going, you know? And these vintage diner lights are just that—they’re the life of my renovation party. I know that this next month of remodeling and building up the restaurant is going to be such a drag sometimes, especially without any of the paint or décor up yet. So if I have diner vintage lighting hanging from the ceiling, it will get me back in the spirit of the work I’m pursuing, the work of creating a completely nuanced and unique diner restaurant. I already have a VIP list for the night we are scheduled to do our exclusive pre-opening. Some really amazing people are on that list, and I cannot let them down. This restaurant is going to be everything I’ve promised it would be.  And the diner lighting is my little “hors d’oeuvre,” if you will—just getting me started before the “main course” begins.


The Story of Our Front Door



I’m not sure what to write about today, so I think I’l tell you the story of our front door. The front door of our little shop is bright yellow. But it wasn’t always bright yellow. We used to have a regular, old, boring, brown and black door. But then one day a woman came into our store. Her hair was that of gold and her eyes were bright green. She had a smile that looked like laughter. She walked in the front door and in a beautiful American accent asked my father where the bathroom was. He pointed it out to her and she did her thing. But when she came out of the restroom she started talking to my dad. They talked and talked. But that wasn’t the weirdest part (my dad hardly says more than five words to his customers). They were laughing! And a lot! She said she had to go, but that she was interested in purchasing some lights, so she’d be back tomorrow.


The next day, I couldn’t believe how many times my dad walked to the front of the store and looked out our circular windows down the street. It was about a half of an hour before we were scheduled to close, when this lady walks in. My dad lit up. She told him the types of lights she was looking for, he showed them to her, and then before you could say barn lights, she was out the door with her new purchase of lights.


On the way out the door, she smiled a glowing smile and said, you really should fix this door. My dad just stared blankly after her, almost as though he were start struck. She left and for the next week it rained. I had never seen my dad so low and lonely. Once the rain dissipated, my dad fixed the door and painted it yellow.

“The color of her smile,” He said.

King of a Light Company!

This is a little story all about how, my life was spun and then turned inside out. If you just take a second and sit in your seat, I’ll tell you how I became a king for this lighting company. Its all started when I whistled for a taxi cab and when it got close I  hopped right in and started taking mad notes. (stop humming the prince of Bel-Air theme song in your head) but seriously I had him drive around downtown for hours and took a mental picture of every light I saw. I then had him drop me back off at home and analyzed everything I could while on that wild ride. What I was looking for were light fixtures that nobody really had, and what I thought we could do differently to grab the game by the horns. I suddenly had a  brilliant idea, I had this jar on my dresser  that I put pennies in for years, because c’mon who really uses pennies anymore. Anyway I thought of the material it was made out of which is copper. So I thought why not use copper outdoor lighting for everything, but it had to be the perfect copper light. I then remembered a website I visited a hundred years ago that had awesome copper and brass lights. So we’re on the same page here, here are a few right below.

copper barn lighting


I’ve have used copper barn lighting for everything including interior barn lighting , and as outdoor barn lighting fixtures. I have even recommended them to every person I have ever came in contact with. I have even considered marrying one of these copper lights :0.

Peace Yall!




My name is Natalie, and I’m a student at ELAC or East LA Community College, if you don’t know, now you know! I was born and raised in elay, so I know this city inside out. I am also a singer for a mariachi band, and I also enjoy photography. I am studying at Elac  so I can be a teacher, but I’m not sure if I want to teach kids or adults yet. I guess I’ll figure it out. I also work at school part-time. I work at the Financial Aid office, so I spend a lot a lot of time at school either in class or working or hanging out with my friends. My dad owns a lighting shop that isn’t too far from our house, and hes primarily sells farm and barn lighting stuff, so that’s another thing I do. It’s sort of like a job, but not really cuz I don’t get paid. It doesn’t matter though cuz I love helping out in the shop. We sell all kinds of barnlights, especially classic vintage barnlights. We buy them online at, and we also have other sites we buy them from, but I can’t tell you all of them!

Here’s an example of a few



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